EURO 4G 2023 Shabbos #3 Free Weekend!

Dear EURO 4G parents,

Hard to believe the third week of the program is in the rear view and here comes free weekend!

Sunday this week we started off strong in Tzfat! We walked through the holy city and heard her stories. We went to Sheva Chaya glass blowing to understand the analogy between blowing delicate glass and the soul that God blew into us. Next to Otzer Hastam where we learned the ancient art of safrus (writing Torah scrolls) and learned our name pesukim to start off the week knowing our purpose in this world! We ended the day singing together in the old Cistern in Tzfat also known as the sound cave! On Monday we started off with group reflections overlooking a view of the whole Kineret and Golan! Next we learned the secret skill of kosher Shofar crafting at the only Shofar educator in the world! We ended the day cooling off in the kineret at Aqua Kef! Then, on Tuesday we worked together as one big family to build our own rafts that had to make it across part of the kineret! And on to Tel Saki where we learned what real camaraderie looks like, as we heard about the 35 men who lost their lives defending Israel in the Yom Kippur war so we could stand in the Golan as Jews today. We ended the day together tubing down the holy Yarden river! On Wednesday we explored the miracle caves of Rosh Hanikra, and made our way to honor Jewish bravery at the old Acco prison. We ended the day rappelling off of Dalton cliffs overlooking a breathtaking view of the Golan. For our last day before free weekend, today we spent the morning at Kfar Kedem practicing life like our Forefathers and mothers in the Torah, riding donkeys, wearing the ancient garb and learning how to make traditional pita. And of course the last thing we did together before dropping off for Free Weekend was learn incredible chaburas at Tzipori where the Sanhedrin sat and the Talmud was finished. What a jam packed and holy holy first week in Israel!

We will be dropping your incredible daughters at the Tel Aviv Arlozorov Train station (also known as Tel aviv Savidor Central Railway Station) at 3:30 and at Har Herzl parking lot in Jerusalem at 4:30!

Here is a first hand reflection from our very own Ayelet!:

Week 3 in Israel! Sunday we went to Tzfat, which is easily one of my favorite cities… ever. It was beautiful and there was so much history to learn (plus the food is amazing). On Monday we went to Kol Shofar where we learned about the making of shofars- I never knew so much about the process before then, and the owner was super funny. After that we got to cool off at Aqua Kef back in Tiveria where we had been staying. Tuesday saw us walking through a cool military bunker at Tel Saki, and then relaxing on rafts on the Jordan River. On Wednesday we went to the most northwest point in all of Israel- Rosh Hanikrah. (We could see the Lebanese border a couple hundred feet away, which was just crazy.) The caves were beautiful, and I loved the sound of the waves splashing over the rocks. After we visited a prison-turned-museum in Acco, where we heard stories about Jewish heroes during the British rule. Then we got to rappel down gorgeous cliffs at sunset in Dalton and have pizza by the water back in Tiveria. Thursday we learned about Israel 2000 years ago at Kfar Kedem, rode donkeys, and made pita. It was such an awesome and fun week!

Wishing you all an early wonderful Shabbos! Thank you each for trusting us with your precious gems!

Shayna Gewirtz
EURO 4G Director

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